Gravity Hybrid Solar Geysers

Gravity Hybrid Solar Geyser, is a new generation Product, designed for Water & Electricity Conservation and user flexibility. 


  • Instant Hot water comes with constant temperature
  • In case of cloudy days, water can be immediately heated to required temperature
  • Every time no need to waste cold water to get hot water
  • Solar panels can be installed in apartment balconies or any sun shine area in the apartment and wire can be drawn till bath room
  • Grid heating can be done automatically
  • Conserves 35 % electricity
  • 3 programmed Modes of operation
  • Required volume from 1 Lt to 25 Lt can be filled and heated
  • Complete remote control operation
  • Built in pressure pumps
  • Touch key based controls.
  • Android control
  • Visual indication of water level
  • Normal pressure inner tank
  • Dual level electric & Hydraulic Protection

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